Corporate Finance Services

Swingbridge's financial advisory and corporate finance services can answer several difficult questions for owners of closely held companies.

Difficult questions for business owners

  • How do I get the capital to grow?
  • How do I liquefy my investment in my company?
  • How do I buy out my shareholders?
  • How do I sell my company?
  • How do I create a relationship with a bank and know that I am getting the best deal from my bank?


The answers to these questions are found only through an in-depth, honest analysis of the company's current and future market position. People running a business day to day, do not have the necessary time and commitment needed to answer these questions. Swingbridge provides a consistent service template to maximize both the answers and the time commitment by ownership.

Guidance Offered by Swingbridge

Swingbridge also provides consistency between the company and the ever changing capital markets. Swingbridge has an extensive network with commercial banks, finance companies, mezzanine, and equity capital providers. A company can maximize its capital structure by leveraging Swingbridge's network and knowledge to create a "win-win" banking relationship.

Financial Advisor Services

In today's global environment, an owner needs the focus and drive to meet the ever changing demands of its customers. Often, the problems of the day creates an environment where financial controls are overlooked and money is unfortunately lost. Swingbridge's professionals can quickly augment a company's existing accounting and financial personnel to ensure that the details are reviewed and every dollar is maximized.

For example, Swingbridge can help answer the following questions:

Financial Questions

  • How do I know if my customers are truly adding to my bottom line?
  • What are the key metrics for my business?
  • How do I get reliable financial information to make key decisions?
  • How can I get better pricing from my suppliers?
  • How do I maximize EBITDA and fully understand my enterprise value?

Swingbridge's professionals mix practical functionality with "big picture" thinking for CFO's and owners.

Swingbridge guided a Connecticut company through a complete review of its financial controls, reporting, and structure. The net result was to create consistent, on-time financial reporting, increased collections and a reduction in bad debt reserves. This change, implemented over the course of two months, allowed the company to refinance its senior debt with more attractive terms.

Mezzanine and Direct Equity Investments

On a selective basis, Swingbridge will make investments in middle market companies. Typical investments will be in the form of a preferred minority investment with certain minimum return characteristics. These investments will carry both board representation and financial plan acceleration clauses.

In addition to facilitating a transaction, Swingbridge will consider offering a bridge financing vehicle. Swingbridge will close certain transactions through its capital sources pending completion of the permanent equity offering.

CFO Services

Companies are trying to accomplish more with less. In many cases, money is being lost and opportunities missed because companies have reduced their financing and accounting staff. Swingbridge professionals have experience and victories in providing the functionality of a CFO, including successful relations with various lenders and other capital providers.

As an example, a local company hired Swingbridge's CFO services and instantly saved over $350,000 in annual costs. The company was also able to improve its financial reporting and recently closed on a very successful real estate transaction led by Swingbridge.